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Trees and Prices

Our trees are priced individually based on tree type and size. Trees range from $35-$125. We will have tractor/horse-pulled shuttles to the tree fields and open hiking trails around the farm. The gift shop will be open and in addition we will have an outdoor pay station option. We will have outdoor restroom facilities available and kettle corn available on the weekends.


Listed below are the varieties of trees we have on the farm.

2 varieties of Fir: 

3 varieties of Spruce: 
Black Hills

2 varieties of Pine: 

We have a Pre-Cut lighted tree lot in a tent and over 25 acres of trees that you can choose and cut your own tree. All of our trees will be shaken baled and tied on your vehicle. We also offer tree delivery.

Want a real tree but not a full size, we have table topper trees that come with a stand and cost $30. Perfect for work, kid’s rooms or for smaller spaces.

We offer pre-dug trees and additional trees can be selected for digging. Prices range on type and height but range from $65-$100 plus a $30 dig charge. We do ask that you give us at least 5 days to have your tree dug and ready to be taken home. Balled and burlap trees are not recommended to be in the house for more than 3 days for optimal survival.

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